TMC Treasures

 Entryway to Memorial Library’s Teaching Material Center

The Memorial Library’s Teaching Materials Center (TMC) invites you to discover their unique collection of board games, hands-on activities, puppets, flannels, instruments, STEM kits, and graphic novels. Whether you’re an education student seeking the perfect addition for your classroom or someone interested in discovering all the Library has to offer, the TMC is the ideal stop.

For those short of time or seeking a de-stressing activity, the TMC’s Play Station is always on the ready.  Located at the entrance of the TMC, our Play Station activity is changed monthly. 

Play Station 

 Pic’nMix Funny Faces game on display in the TMC’s Play Station.  Two cardboard faces with stick on pieces that can be taken on and off creating mixed up characters.

Board Games 

Four board games from the TMC collection: Lewis and Clark, Jenga Tetris, Pandemic, and Qwirkle


 A puppet knight in red armor and a sword standing over a green puppet turtle--two puppets from TMC’s puppet collection

Flannel Boards 

A red flannel board with a TMC flannel kit containing three clean, pink felt pigs and two dirty, pink felt pigs.

Stem Kits 

 A STEM kit from the TMC collection containing a K’NEX set: Introduction to Simple Machines: Wheels & Axeles and Inclined Planes

Musical Instruments 

 Three musical kits from the TMC collection containing egg shakers, rhythm sticks, and easy grip jingle bells

Hands On Activities 

 Three hands on activity samples from the TMC collection: Jumbo Magnifiers, Touch & Learn Picture Card Bank, and a play Classroom Mailbox

Graphic Novels 

 Sample graphic novels from the TMC collection: “Estranged” by Ethan M Aldridge, “Five Worlds” by Mark Siegel and “Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo” by Ben Costa and James Parks

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TMC Inspiration Station

The Inspiration Station is a hands-on creative space in the front of the Teaching Materials Center dedicated to education students working on lesson plans and other classroom projects. Many craft materials are available such as: markers and crayons, stencils, stamps, construction paper… and so much more!

A highlight of the station is the Ellison machine, which is used to create cut-out shapes that are ideal for bulletin boards and posters. Among the available Ellison die cuts are the alphabet, numbers, holidays, world countries and shapes.



Students are invited to leave feedback and suggestions for future additions to the space. As one of these comments stated: “Love it! So happy you got this, I can make my work/projects even better now!” The Inspiration Station is a vibrant part of the library that’s always growing- just like the TMC itself.










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Featured: TMC Online Guide

The Teaching Materials Center has an online presence!

This online guide contains information about the many collections in the TMC, including descriptions and call numbers, as well as tips on how to search the catalog for these materials. There are also links to online journals, videos, databases, and websites. These websites include lesson plan ideas, children’s literature, standards, technology, and other topics aimed at educators.

The TMC Guide is always available under the Links/Resources area in the Library Tab.


TMC Displays: Math

The Teaching Materials Center is continuing its series of subject-based displays supporting the Common Core, this time highlighting K-12 math resources. There are four different themes illustrating several interdisciplinary areas where math can be applied: Literature, Art and Architecture, Science, and Active Learning.

Stop by to look at books and games that include these exciting math themes and pick up a handout from Math Blaster, a website that features worksheets and other activities. You can also browse our accompanying list of online Math Resources to get more ideas for hands-on, real world math activities and lessons.

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TMC Science Common Core Displays

The TMC’s display cases are featuring science resources that tie into the Common Core. Topics for the Elementary level include animals and weather, while the High School display features biology and physics. A variety of formats are represented: informational nonfiction, textbooks, and hands-on materials such as games and kits. There are also accompanying online resources for each topic, which include links to curricular information, interactive websites with games and activities, videos, and more.

Stop by the TMC and find some ideas for your next science lesson plan!

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