WEPA Account

Person using a WEPA print stationWEPA is the printing service that is used by SUNY Cortland students. WEPA accounts are automatically generated for new students, and students who upload documents to the WEPA cloud can then print those documents from any WEPA kiosk on the campus. Funds can be added to WEPA accounts electronically by navigating to the WEPA website, while print cards for the WEPA kiosks can be purchased from the library.

More information about how to use WEPA kiosks can be found by reading the article that can be accessed by clicking on this link.


WEPA Printing : What You Should Know.

Image advertising the Library’s Helpful Tips post about WEPA printing.

WEPA stations are available on the first and second floors of the library (and elsewhere on campus). Check out the WEPA – Printing on Campus page for all the details about how to set up your WEPA account, how to print, what it costs, how to pay, and where on campus wēpa printers are located.