Research Help

For quick questions, you can visit the Library tab of myRedDragon to chat 24/7 with a librarian, or click the Ask a Librarian dragon button (shown) in many of our databases.

Did you know that Research Help is available in the main lobby of the library? Tackle your research with a librarian, who can help you find, access, or cite sources for your paper. Librarians can also help you evaluate whether the sources you have found would be suitable for your paper.

For quick questions, you can visit the Library tab of myRedDragon to chat 24/7 with a librarian, or click the Ask a Librarian dragon button in many of our databases.

You can also Make a Research Help Appointment with a librarian that specializes in your area of study if you need specialized or more extensive help.

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Drop-In Research Q&A Sessions: Science, History, Philosophy, Sport Management, Physical Education, & Recreation

Memorial Library is offering a series of targeted drop-in sessions to help you with your research this semester.

This week’s featured topics are:

  • Science with Hilary Wong, 5/3 1-3pm and 5/4 10am-12pm. Join via Webex
  • History and Philosophy with Jeremy Pekarek, 5/5 10am-12pm. Join via Webex
  • Sport Management, Physical Education, & Recreation with Rick Powell, 5/6 2-4pm. Join via Webex

Image of Hilary Wong  Image of Jeremy Pekarek  Image of Rick Powell

Video chat with librarians Hilary, Jeremy, or Rick for help with these (or other) research topics. No appointment necessary. They can help you find, evaluate, and cite resources.

Have a question but need a different time? Please sign up for a Research Help Appointment or get drop-in help at the Research Help Desk.

Other librarians are available at the following times:
• Monday-Wednesday 10am-6pm
• Saturdays 10am-6pm.
Research Help is also available online 24/7, in myRedDragon and wherever you see the Ask a Librarian chat button.

Image of Ask A Librarian Dragon
Save time and level up your research: ask a librarian!

Library Resources during COVID-19

Looking for Resources during COVID-19? Thinking about returning materials that you have borrowed from Memorial Library or through Interlibrary Loan?

Before you you do anything, check out our LibGuide –

Here you can find information on Library Resources; Research Help; Archives; Teaching Materials Center; Testing Center; Digital New York Times, Wall Street Journal & Chronicle of Higher Education; Holds & Checked out Books; Interlibrary Loan Availability; Recommended Library Materials; Freely Available Videos; Temporarily Available Resources; and COVID-19.

Ask a Librarian – Virtual Research Help

Although the Library building is closed, SUNY Cortland librarians are still available to assist you online.

Librarians are available to help you:  identify and access resources, narrow your research topic, develop search strategies, cite sources, and learn to use citation managers and other research tools.

You can chat with us in ONESearch by clicking the red pop-up button on the right-hand side of search results.

You can also contact us from the Ask a Librarian channel, located in the Library tab of myRedDragon:

Ask A Librarian Box in myRedDragon

Ask A Librarian Box in myRedDragon

  • Chat with a librarian 24/7.  Local SUNY Cortland librarians will answer your questions Mondays-Thursdays 9am-6pm, Fridays 9am-3pm, and Sundays 1pm-6pm.   Chat is also monitored 24/7 by back-up librarians from other colleges around the country. A librarian is always available to answer your question!
  • Text us at 607-341-7883 during the hours noted above.  Texts received outside of those hours will be replied to when we reopen the following business day.
  • Email us at A SUNY Cortland librarian will respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours or the following business day).
  • Research Help Appointments are now available remotely.  For in-depth or specialized questions, complete the request form to contact the SUNY Cortland librarian that specializes in your area of study.  Appointments can save you time and improve your research!

Thank you,

Lauren deLaubell
Information Literacy/Instruction Coordinator
Memorial Library, SUNY Cortland