Virtual Sandwich Seminar: Digital Commons 11/4/2021

“Looking For a Place to Highlight Your Online Content? Come Learn About the Digital Commons at Cortland and What It Can Do For You”

Thursday, November 4, 2021
Noon-1:00 PM


Speakers: Digital Commons Administrators – Jeremy Pekarek, Jennifer Kronenbitter, Maaike Oldemans, Jennifer Parker & Hilary Wong

Memorial Library offers Digital Commons to the campus as an institutional repository for digital collections. Our presentation will highlight some of our existing Digital Commons content as examples of how it could be used by other entities on campus. Furthermore, we will discuss the steps needed to request, create, and manage new collections.

Existing collections include some of the following content areas:
• Posters / student work / undergraduate research
• Scholarly works
• Historical information / campus history
• Images / photographs
• Interviews / oral histories

Following the presentation, we would welcome questions from attendees on creating their own collections for their campus organization or feel free to reach out via email anytime at