Two-Sentence Horror Story Contest Winners

Image of two jack-o-lanterns and their reflections, created by David Menidrey on Unsplash

Memorial Library and The Writing Center hosted a two-sentence horror story contest to celebrate Halloween.  All SUNY Cortland students were welcome to participate.  Entries needed to be submitted online by Sunday, 10/22 and story submissions had to be original and two sentences long.

Here are our winners:

1st place
Jasmilka Pena

As I gazed into the mirror, my reflection’s eyes blinked out of sync with mine, and a chilling smile spread across its face. I heard a door slam and turned away to a whisper that said, “You have to escape.”

2nd place
Fatoumata Jawara

I always thought my baby sister hated me because she cried every time she looked at me. Until i realized that she was looking behind me.

3rd place
Joel Robinson

After a global pandemic, World War III, Civil War 2, numerous riots, rebellions and society eating itself; I was able to finally close my eyes after a long life and give into death’s embrace.
Three words entered my vision: “Tutorial Stage Complete.”