TMC Treasures

 Entryway to Memorial Library’s Teaching Material Center

The Memorial Library’s Teaching Materials Center (TMC) invites you to discover their unique collection of board games, hands-on activities, puppets, flannels, instruments, STEM kits, and graphic novels. Whether you’re an education student seeking the perfect addition for your classroom or someone interested in discovering all the Library has to offer, the TMC is the ideal stop.

For those short of time or seeking a de-stressing activity, the TMC’s Play Station is always on the ready.  Located at the entrance of the TMC, our Play Station activity is changed monthly. 

Play Station 

 Pic’nMix Funny Faces game on display in the TMC’s Play Station.  Two cardboard faces with stick on pieces that can be taken on and off creating mixed up characters.

Board Games 

Four board games from the TMC collection: Lewis and Clark, Jenga Tetris, Pandemic, and Qwirkle


 A puppet knight in red armor and a sword standing over a green puppet turtle--two puppets from TMC’s puppet collection

Flannel Boards 

A red flannel board with a TMC flannel kit containing three clean, pink felt pigs and two dirty, pink felt pigs.

Stem Kits 

 A STEM kit from the TMC collection containing a K’NEX set: Introduction to Simple Machines: Wheels & Axeles and Inclined Planes

Musical Instruments 

 Three musical kits from the TMC collection containing egg shakers, rhythm sticks, and easy grip jingle bells

Hands On Activities 

 Three hands on activity samples from the TMC collection: Jumbo Magnifiers, Touch & Learn Picture Card Bank, and a play Classroom Mailbox

Graphic Novels 

 Sample graphic novels from the TMC collection: “Estranged” by Ethan M Aldridge, “Five Worlds” by Mark Siegel and “Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo” by Ben Costa and James Parks

Thank you to Annette Ernste for this posting