COVID Time Capsule Collection and Reflection Week at Memorial Library May 3 – May 7, 2021

COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways. These shared and unique experiences should be preserved for research, reflection, and understanding how we are making it through these tough times.

The university is looking to preserve the history of the COVID-19 era on campus, both as a service to future scholarship and also as a time capsule that will be opened during the university’s bicentennial celebration in 2068. You can contribute to this important project by dropping off donations!

Potential items to donate may include:

  • Photographs
  • Projects and research related to COVID-19
  • Personal statements or recollections of this period (like diary/journal entries for example)
  • Physical artifacts, i.e., masks, posters, etc.

How and When to Donate:
You may drop off items in the Memorial Library building at the Help Center desk. This event will take place during the last week of classes (Monday 5/3 – Friday 5/7). Please note that Memorial Library is currently restricted to those with a valid Cortland ID card.

If you prefer to submit something digitally for consideration, please use this online form.

“Library Graffiti Board”
Upon arriving at Memorial Library, you may also write a message on the “Library Graffiti Board.” This is available when entering the building. The “Graffiti Board” allows you to express yourself through words or art reflecting on experiences at Cortland during COVID-19. These messages will be preserved and included in the Time Capsule project as well.

If you have questions on how/what you can contribute to the Time Capsule please contact the College Archives at