Antiracist Books for Teachers (and Everyone Else) Display

Antiracist display in the library.

In celebration of Black History Month, there will be two book displays in Memorial Library for everyone to check out.

One display focuses on books dedicated to learning about race and racial justice.

A second display focuses on children’s picture books for and representing Black American and Black-Diasporic lives, histories, and experiences. This display will be located in the Teaching Materials Center.

The book displays will appear throughout the month of February. Ask a librarian if you are interested in using one of these books!

National Poetry Month

Students, faculty and staff, please join Memorial Library in celebrating National Poetry Month, April 2015. Come check out our displays, including an Exquisite Corpse* poem and Book Spine Poetry**. Also, we have an interactive display—magnetic poetry—for you to try your hand at and have a little fun! All of this is located in our lobby—we look forward to seeing you!

bookspine display*Exquisite Corpse: collaborative poetry game that traces its roots to the Parisian Surrealist Movement ( Someone writes a line of poetry, passes it on to someone else (who writes a line), then folds the paper to hide the first line and passes it on until everyone has added a line (hiding the previous line as each person contributes). Participants must read only the last line before writing their own; thus producing a surprising—maybe silly—but creative poem.

bookspine poetry

**Book Spine Poetry: simply stated, grab some books and make a poem out of the spines (titles).


New Display: “A Taste of the Brooks Museum”

“A Taste of the Brooks Museum” is on display in the library! Located in the case next to the stairwell in the Lobby, the exhibit features some artifacts, including a “cowboy hat,” textiles and cat mask, from Latin America and Asia.  Special thanks go to Sharon Steadman and the Brooks Museum for loaning these objects.  For more fascinating items visit the Brooks Museum in Moffett Center, Room 2126! Please contact Amanda Halliwell, Secretary for Sociology/Anthropology, at 753-2726 for museum hours.

Meet Robert Shetterly, the artist of “Americans Who Tell the Truth”!

In conjunction with the library display “Defining Activism:” books by and about American Activists, three special events take place this week in Sperry Building and Dowd Gallery: (the final week of this exhibition!)

  • Tuesday March 5, 7:00pm: Art, Ethics and Resistance, an evening with Robert Shetterly hosted by the Center for Ethics, Peace and Social Justice, *Sperry Building (tentatively room 205)*
  • Wednesday, March 6, 5:30pm: Artist’s Talk: Robert Shetterly
  • Thursday, March 7, 7:00pm: Reception Celebrating the Induction of Bill Griffen’s Portrait into the Americans Who Tell the Truth Project. 

All events and programs are free and open to the public.