National Poetry Month

Students, faculty and staff, please join Memorial Library in celebrating National Poetry Month, April 2015. Come check out our displays, including an Exquisite Corpse* poem and Book Spine Poetry**. Also, we have an interactive display—magnetic poetry—for you to try your hand at and have a little fun! All of this is located in our lobby—we look forward to seeing you!

bookspine display*Exquisite Corpse: collaborative poetry game that traces its roots to the Parisian Surrealist Movement ( Someone writes a line of poetry, passes it on to someone else (who writes a line), then folds the paper to hide the first line and passes it on until everyone has added a line (hiding the previous line as each person contributes). Participants must read only the last line before writing their own; thus producing a surprising—maybe silly—but creative poem.

bookspine poetry

**Book Spine Poetry: simply stated, grab some books and make a poem out of the spines (titles).