Looking for DISABILITY RESOURCES? … it’s in the Library!

Looking for … DISABILITY RESOURCES … it’s in the Library!

Located in the Library’s Teaching Materials Center on the First Floor of the Memorial Library. Come in the main Library entrance, turn left, walk through the lobby and into the Teaching Materials Center. The Disability Resources Office is on your right. The Disability Resources Office leads SUNY Cortland’s commitment to create a diverse, accessible, and socially just community that welcomes all students, whether or not they identify as disabled.

Disability Resources’ transformational leadership includes:
– Ensuring the lived experiences, goals, and aspirations of students are central to our work.
– Collaborating to eliminate barriers so all have equal access.
– Promoting disability as an aspect of diversity.
– Challenging ableism and advocating for disability justice.
– Backing students as they develop their disability identity and advocate for access, inclusion, and visibility.
– Recognizing that students’ disability identity is interconnected with their other identities.

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