Welcome to Academic Apps

Welcome to Academic Apps. This is a joint project of SUNY Cortland’s Disability Services Office and Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP).

In recent years, the volume of apps created to help students achieve academic success has increased astronomically. How may one sort through the good from the bad? What are the hidden features of apps that you might not know about? We hope to provide you with news, reviews, and tips about academic apps that you can rely on.

You’ll find a variety of different posts in the months to come. Some will be long, in-depth reviews. Others will be brief tips, news items, or links to other good reviews or tutorials. We’ll cover apps that work on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices as well as Apple and Windows computers. We’ll also note apps that are useful for students with particular learning styles and disabilities.

Please post comments to ask questions or to let us know about your own experiences with apps for reading, studying, note-taking, time management, and the like.