Keynote Speaker

Thomas L. Goodale

Keynote Address: Gold in the Vestibule

More than the founder of what is now the Department of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies at SUNY – Cortland, Harlan Goldsbury Metcalf was a gentle man and a model teacher, professional, citizen and servant. On the right side of history from the beginning, the program he founded has always championed a physical environment not simply sustainable but spiritually uplifting, and a social environment not simply inclusive but embracing. Today we must surmount daunting obstacles if we are to regain our footing on the path to who we want to be. Leisure is our point of entry; freedom “from” as well as freedom “to” are pre-requisite; knowing what is true is the foundation of it all. Post-millenials must lead the way.

Dr. Goodale will present his Keynote address on Friday November 8th, 2019 at 1:15 p.m. in the Function Room in Corey Union on SUNY Cortland Campus.

The Keynote Address is Free and Open to the Public. 

Native to Cortland and graduate of SUNY-Cortland, Dr. Goodale received his PhD degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, spent a year as Regional Surpervisor for the Nassau County, NY Department of Parks and Recreation before being called back to SUNY-Cortland to teach in its Department of Recreation Education. Thus he was both a student and collegue of Dr. Harlan “Gold” Metcalf, and a Founding Board Member of the Metcalf Endowment. From Cortland he joined the faculty for the opening year of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, widely promoted as “Environmental U” for its campus-wide academic emphasis on environmental quality. He then moved to the University of Ottawa, Canada where he was Professor and Chair of its bilingual Department of Leisure Studies, ending his teaching career at George Mason University and is now Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Goodale has been an Author and Editor of a variety of publications, including Leisure Sciences, The Journal of Leisure Research, and the texts Recreation and Leisure: Issues in an Era of Change, and The Evolution of Leisure: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives.

He is a Distinguished Colleague and Past President of the Society of Park and Recreation Educators, Past President of the Academy of Leisure Sciences, and a recipient of the National Literary Award from the National Recreation and Park Association. Dr. Goodale has been awarded Honorary Doctorate Degrees from the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the State University of New York.