Webex Help

Accessing Sessions

Registered attendees will receive via e-mail links for the each session room. Once you receive those links, on Thursday and Friday you can click on the link with the designated session that you would like to join in on and it will open up on WebEx. You do not need to make a WebEx account to access these sessions.

If you would like to take a FREE Webex training workshop, click this link to register for one of the slots –


If you would like a 4 minute Webex Tutorial, click this link –


For other issues, consult the references below:

Connection Problems

If you are experiencing any difficulty loading into WebEx, close all your open tabs, then open a new browser and try the WebEx link again. Some things you might see while loading up WebEx are:

-Hanging at ‘One Moment Please’

-Hanging at: Starting WebEx

-‘Java is not working’ error

-Hanging at ‘Meeting in Progress’

-Unable to start or join a meeting, the meeting client hangs at 10%, 86%, or 99%.

-The meeting hangs at 10%, 86%, or 99% while trying to start or join a meeting.

-The join process may hang if the meeting installer is not able to run properly.


WebEx Audio Help

To better your conference experience, we recommend that you wear headphones.



WebEx Webcam Video Help

Problems that could occur:

-the panel may be grayed out in the session
-you cannot see yourself in the session
-unable to share webcam video
-Webcam will not work in session


-The webcam may be in use in another application
-The webcam drivers may not be installed


Close Webex
Close any other programs that may be using your webcam
Rejoin the Webex meeting


Help Desk:

If you’re experiencing issues outside of these solutions please contact our Help Desk. The Help Desk is available all day on both Thursday and Friday to answer any and all questions that you may have! Feel free to pop in and let us know what you need.

Help Desk Link (Click Here!)