Friday, November 6th

Friday Playlist (non CEU)

CEU Approved Sessions


Sessions marked with * have CEUs available

From 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m:

WebEx Room 1 – *NCTRC Overview, Susan Kaufer

This session will focus on various aspects of NCTRC including the history, certification standards, special projects, and NCTRC news from the past year. (0.1 CEU)

WebEx Room 2 –  None

WebEx Room 3 – *Building Organizational Community through Play, T Grant Lewis

Captivate, engage and energize your staff trainings by using a variety of time-tested strategies designed to tap knowledge and increase participant interest. This session will present an assortment of interactive and collaborative activities designed to engage all participants right out of the gate. The potential dividends are the same: increased engagement, participant learning, curiosity, attentiveness and community development. (0.1 CEU)

WebEx Room 4 – Bring Tennis To Your Community – It’s The Sport of a Lifetime!, Monica LaMura (Recorded)

This session will highlight the benefits of tennis as a safe, socially distant activity that is fun to learn and play. We will discuss United States Tennis Association (USTA) Eastern section programs and available support including grants, curricula, marketing resources, and modified equipment. Learn how easy it can be to offer a tennis program in a “non-traditional” setting and allow new players to enjoy the game as soon as they pick up a racquet. Tennis supports a healthy lifestyle and can be a key to combatting the obesity epidemic in America. Best of all, it’s a sport that families can play together! Also, join us to hear best practices and ideas from tennis providers throughout New York State.

From 9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

WebEx Room 1 – Reconnecting Children with Nature: Nurturing Stewards for the Planet, Jack Voelker

Childhood has moved indoors, and the negative effects on a child’s physical, emotional and cognitive health are alarming. Richard Louv, in his book Last Child in the Woods, describes this as “nature deficit disorder.” Conversely, experiences in the natural world positively impact the imagination and creativity, reduce stress, improve problem solving skills, lessen physical injuries and enhance all of the senses. The Recreation and Parks profession is in a unique position to address this disconnect from nature through facility and land use planning, program development, and community education and partnerships, and in the process nurture the next generation of stewards for our planet. Learn about successful strategies and share examples from your own experience.

WebEx Room 2 – Insert Recreation and Sustainability into Your Community’s Planning Efforts, Michael Cocquyt

Until I was offered a job as a Planner, I had no idea it was a career with so much to offer the recreation profession. In this session we will discuss the planning process and where recreation departments can get involved to increase sustainable development of resources for their community. We will discuss Master Plans, Comprehensive Plans, Natural Resource Surveys, Resiliency Planning and more. Finally, we will discuss if the career field of Planning is right for your career growth and the growth of the recreation professions.

WebEx Room 3 – *Eco-Friendly Therapeutic Activities, Rebecca Gonzalez

In this session, we will go over why being eco-friendly in TR is important. Some of us do not realize that some TR activities we do is harmful to our environment. The session will give us information of how to make different recreation activities more eco-friendly. We will also discuss how to make activities less wasteful and using the “less is more” method. By making our activities more eco-friendly, we will make a better world for everyone. (0.1 CEU)

WebEx Room 4 – *Finding My Feet: A Lifetime Journey Through Adaptive Sport, Tim Miller

This session will explore the benefits, facilitators, and theories supporting adaptive sport participation. It with briefly cover experiences with 13 different modalities that yielded varying degrees of success. Tips for sustaining a lifetime of adaptive sport participation will be discussed through the perspective of an athlete with a disability. (0.1 CEU)

From 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

WebEx Room 1 – Monday Mile & Creating Inclusive Recreation Spaces, Mary Kate Lee

This session will introduce the Healthy Monday national public health initiative, the Monday Mile program, how to identify and create accessible and inclusive recreation spaces, and the importance of inclusive recreation areas.

WebEx Room 2 – *Pain Management in TR Practice, Mary Pearson

This session will discuss the recreation therapist’s role in the pain management treatment team. This session will specifically look at “what is pain?”, “how do we manage it?”, and “where does recreation therapy fit in?”. Once the role of TR is established, specific assessments and interventions will be explored. (0.1 CEU)

WebEx Room 3 – Ecotourism in Our Backyard, T Grant Lewis

This workshop is designed for educators and leaders in recreation, focusing on the intersectionality between outdoor recreation, interpretation and ecotourism. The emphasis of the presentation will be on exploring ecotourism through the lens of outdoor recreation and interpretation. While ecotourism has traditional roots as a means for those from Western cultures to travel abroad, attention will be placed on the examination of WV (or your own backyard) as the destination. Participants will engage in discussion of how to support eco-tourism in their own locales through the implementation of outdoor recreation and interpretive programs.

WebEx Room 4 – Raising All Ships: A Leaders Role, Vincent Coccia

Listeners will learn and discuss the role a leader has in developing and advancing employees careers by developing strong work ethic and morale. By helping staff gain their full potential, programs will see an increase in enjoyment, longevity and overall success. Working together to foster excellence for all staff will in turn create a better work environment for all. (Recorded)

From 12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Lunch! There are no sessions during this time. Take a break, get something to eat, get some fresh air, drink some water and do some stretches.

From 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

WebEx Room 1                     WebEx Room 2

WebEx Room 3                     WebEx Room 4

The Keynote will be hosted in all four WebEx Rooms for maximum capacity.

*Keynote: Advancing Sustainability through Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Kelly Bricker

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) called for the international community as an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. This talk walks through examples from nature tourism and recreation to effect positive change towards the SDGs and health of our planet. (0.1 CEU)

From 1:45 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.

WebEx Room 1 – *Conflict Resolution & Mindful Communication in the Workplace, Mary Kate Lee

This session will introduce the concept of mindfulness, how to strengthen communication skills, and resolve conflict mindfully. Participants will learn the basic breakdown of the buzzword and how to bring simple awareness into their day to day. Layering on, participants will receive tips on how to strengthen communication skills and resolve conflict in and outside of the workplace. (0.1 CEU)

WebEx Room 2 – *Sustainability for All? Promoting a Critical and Anti-Racist View of Sustainability in Outdoor Education, Evan Small

This interactive and engaging session will discuss the development and popularization of sustainability in the outdoor education field. Organizations like Leave No Trace have made environmental conservation a commonplace topic on outdoor trips across the United States. However, these discussions can focus on one specific form of sustainability and exclude perspectives from indigenous, Black, and queer voices. This session aims to showcase how bringing a critical lens to Leave No Trace and other forms of environmental sustainability can promote a view of the outdoors for all. (0.1 CEU)

WebEx Room 3 – Medication Through Meditation, Edward Young

This session will highlight the importance of breathwork and meditation and how they can be incorporated into our lives as integral elements that promote a culture of more holistically conscious individuals.

WebEx Room 4 – *Spirituality in Recreational Therapy Practice: Helping People Create Meaning, Joy, and Awareness, Lynn Anderson (Recorded) – 1.5 hr session

Helping People Create Meaning, Joy, and Awareness, Lynn Anderson (Recorded): The spiritual domain of human functioning is critical to overall well-being and an important area of focus for recreational therapists. In this session, we will define spirituality, understand its role in health and well-being, and examine ways that recreational therapists can facilitate spiritual well-being in the people we serve. Lastly, we will explore specific interventions and environmental modifications that can help build spiritual well-being. (0.15 CEU)


Friday, November 6th

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